Amilove´s Sonnenblüte
* 19.10.2013, Bluemerle c/w, eeyes blaue,15 inches,
CERF (03/2015), Hips excellent, Patella Luxation Grad 0, Ellbow dysplasia Grad 0 / OCD 0, Heart free from diseases, BEAR
Gentests (teilweise clear by parentage): PRCD-PRA (+/+), HSF4 Cataract clear (+/+), CEA normal (+/+), MDR1 (+/+), DM (+/+)

Sonnenblüte aka Sonne is what I would call an "all around happy girl".
She is really a natur happy dog.
Sonne is very activ, has a lot of power and drive. She is our third generation here at Aussie Love´s / Amilove´s.