Our puppies are raised in our home. They are integrated into our family life and very well socialized.
Our pups are always included with our other dogs and later in our daily walks through fields and woods. Puppies stay with us until the age of 8 or 9 weeks. Before leaving us, they will receive a microchip, an
eye examination, and health certificate. Your puppy will come to you with a small supply of food
and some toys to help him or her get quickly acclimated to your home.

During the puppies stay with us, they are exposed to “real” world situations like other breeds of dogs,
children, adults, sounds, etc. When they leave us, they are pretty much ready for anything! We provide a special playground that challenges them to use their natural abilities such as climbing, moving on
shaking, moveable bridges, going under and around things
– the possibilities are endless.

They are always motivated to learn and to overcome their inhibitions. They have a lot of fun!

Included in their early training are ridesin the car and getting used to the noise of vacuum cleaners...